Constitutional Enforcement

The Constitutional Enforcement PAC supports candidates who strive to rein the federal government back within its limited Constitutional authority. 

It has developed 10 Resolutions to be passed by the individual states, affirming their adherence to the proper balance of Constitutional power. When passed, all unauthorized federal dictates become irrelevant within that state’s borders.

We need your help.

 We can’t win, or even fight, this battle without your financial support.

Massive grass roots support in all states is critical.  Sign up and volunteer.

Contact your state and local representatives directly and encourage them to read and consider passage of these Resolutions.

Share this website with your complete contact list and encourage them all to donate to this cause.

We cannot willingly surrender our Liberties to those seeking our domination for fear of facing their possible repercussions.

Right is on our side. We must stand on our Principles and fight to retain our God-ordained heritage. Those seeking our domination must cower before our resolve and know we will not be deterred.

Thank You